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About ME

Nicolle Churi, a seasoned interdisciplinary designer, weaves a tapestry of expertise across diverse realms—retail, events, interiors, and theatre.

Her visionary venture, Nicolle Churi Creative, is a testament to her commitment to crafting personalized interiors that resonate with contemporary living, embodying comfort, heart, and elegance. With a rich background encompassing design in set dressing and visual merchandising, Nicolle brings a wealth of experience to the table. Guided by the philosophy that life is too short for mundane interiors, she, alongside her dynamic resource of creatives, transforms design concepts into tangible realities.

As a compassionate and attentive listener, Nicolle fosters close collaborations with clients, firmly believing that such partnerships yield the most successful projects.

In the realm of Nicolle Churi Creative, elegance meets eclecticism, seamlessly blending antiques, artwork, and bespoke furniture. Meticulous material selection and an unwavering focus on details result in timeless, distinctive interiors that truly reflect the individuality of each client. Elevating spaces beyond the ordinary, Nicolle Churi Creative brings forth a harmonious fusion of artistry and functionality.

Contact me for visually creative solutions with:

  • Interior makeovers

  • Window dressing

  • Set design and dressing

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Product launches 

  • Brand activations

  • Photoshoots and Editorial submissions


SOME OF MY clients

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